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I have a growlithe and a schyther which one should I keep in my team, why? ( I can evolve growlithe to arcanine ) I already have a quilava as my fire type (HG)

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Please provide your game, thanks :)

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Really it depends on the requirements of your team, but personally I prefer Arcanine


Scyther: Regarding defense, neither of the two are superb, but Scyther has shortcomings. It's rather frail, though this can be somewhat fixed with eviolite. However,the real issue is its whopping five weaknesses, most notably to the common electric, ice, fire and a painful double weakness to rock, that really stinks when stealth rock is on the field.

Arcanine: Arcanine isn't a defensive behemoth, but it has some defensive merits. It has access to the intimidate ability, which makes it easier for it to take on physical attackers, which is further augmented by the status move Will-o-Wisp. It can also utiliize sunny day to boost its fire moves and lessen it's water weakness, and it's three weaknesses can be handled by a grass type.


Scyther: Scyther is actually quite good offensively. Base 105 atk and 110 spd make it a good physical sweeper. It's movepool is somewhat limited, but thanks to technician, it is usable. With a boosted bug bite and aerial ace for STAB, brick break for coverage, and swords dance for boosting, Scyther is quite a formidable opponent if used right.

Arcanine: Arcanine's diverse movepool, base 110 atk, 100 sp atk and 95 speed means it can be a physical, special, or mixed attacker. Powerful moves such as flare blitz, outrage, solarbeam, wild charge and the prioritized extreme speed make it unpredictable. Flash Fire and justified can power up its moves, and it can use sunny day to abuse a powered up STAB and solarbeam. It even gets cool moves like crunch and close combat through breeding.

Basically, in my opinion the Pokemon Officer Jenny uses is superior, but both have their merits. Hope this helps.

lol tmrlp, Arcanine is a beast with a CBand :P
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I've gotten this from experience, no matter how cool you think Scyther is, don't choose it. I have had my experiences with this, and I really had a hard time. >.<

And plus, Arcanine's stats are better, really. And Arcanine can smash more gyms over Scyther.
So... Arcanine. ^-^

Hope I helped. :)

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For me, i'll pick the both.and, here's the movesets:

Scyther (Scyther have high attack so, give him more physical moves)
- X-Scissor: STAB and great for scyther because he got high attack
- Brick Break: COVERAGE
- Swords Dance: Raise the attack and....BLAST AWAY!!!
- Roost: Heals scyther from damages

Arcanine: (Arcanine's attack and Sp.attack is high so, give physical and special moves)

-Solarbeam: High Power good for arcanine because arcanine's sp.atk is 100 and, for COVERAGE (use sunny day first.so, it won't take any recharge)

-Sunny Day: use this move for Solarbeam and Morning sun

-Morning sun: Heals arcanine from any damage (When it's sunny, Morning Sun restores 100% HP, no weather 50% HP and other weathers 25% HP)

i hope it helps
-Flare Blitz: Extreme power and, good for arcanine because. arcanine's attack is 110