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Using a hitmontop that has endevor, close combat, and whatever else you want him to know. start with endeavor at 210 hp blissey will be fragile as glass to physical moves. Then HIT HER WITH CLOSE COMBAT that is sure to ko her I know close combat would probably 2-ko it any way but know you don't have to fear counter.

I chose hitmontop for this strategy for of all the pokemon that learn endeaver by level he has the lowest hp. aside from first evos
Blissey Busters! who you gunna call blissey busters!
Do you actually have a question speed freak? You can't just keep posting move combinations unless you have a specific question to go with it...
I am asking if it is a good strategy and how I can improve on it
To be honest you'd be better with the humourous Ratatta+Focus Sash+Endeavour+Quick Attack.
And some of these you seem to be thinking to hard when there is just simple counters to win.

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This is the first time I have tried to answer a strategy question but here I go

you would need to teach hitmontop toxic just in case someone would try to resist close combat and just in case blissy uses softboiled and if it uses refresh you would have an extra turn to hit it hard.Although if hitmontop has technician it would help a lot.Having thief will be helpful because of ghost types resisting close combat and since I am pretty sure blisseys normally hold leftovers I think.....

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