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Every time it says "a bite!" I press A and it gets away. I never dealt with this problem in FireRed or LeafGreen.

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Try pressing A a BUNCH of times.
All i can really tell you is be faster :P
Literally be quick about it.
You need to press A the moment it says that a Pokemon has bitten your lure.
Lightning Fingers McGee

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Go up to the water and select it, then fish! When it says: Oh! A bite!; press a once...


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I took alot of time to get this right as well.
The moment you get a bite press A. If you delay for too long the Pokemon will flee and you lose your fishy ;-;
You'll have to do this several times in order to finally battle the Pokemon (It may be as short as just 1 time or maybe 5+ times) - complicated I know. Don't worry if you fail alot, it happens, Emerald fishing is really difficult.


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