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In the cafe warehouse, what Pokemon do I give the used napkin to?

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I'm sorry, I've tried my best but I really don't have any clue what the heck you are saying.
a cafe manager gives you a used napkin. I cant remember what he calls it, though.
^ In the same boat. As far as i can see you do next to nothing in the cafe
oh! grubby hanky!
sorry about calling it used napkin. failol.

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Okay so the guy on Sunday who gav eyou the Grubby Hanky...
You give it to the guy with a Patrat. I think his there on Thursdays. Not always there :L

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Wow, yesterday was Thursday. fail. Thanks!
reset the DS timer! xD
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You give it to the person who owns a Patrat on Thursdays.

Hope I helped. :)

Ermygerd you beat me too it by like 20 seconds lol
14 seconds. o_O
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You give it to a customer who owns a Patrat. The Trainer will only be there on Thursdays though, so you'll have to wait a week. :3

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