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I'm asking this because lots of people like Deoxys,what's so special about it? Also,in Nacrene City,is Deoxys the Pokemon that fell with the meteor?

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A. Deoxys has several forms and has a rather beasty base stats, and most all of his forms, focus on one base, and his base stats are very well given out, making him a great pokemon to use.

B. No, That was Kyurem, the pokemon that you can find in the Giant Chasm :]

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Thanks for the info on Kyurem, I thought it was Deoxys because of its descriptions :)
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that was not kyrem 1. deoxys can change forms with it 2. kyrem was the husk or shell left over from zekrom and reshiram spliting
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Deoxys is an extratterrasial Pokemon.

Also, The meteor in Nacrene City Museum does affect Deoxys. If you interact with it while he is in your party, he cahnges forms.

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