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When I say that I mean when Iris has a level 50 something hydreigon when it doesnt evolve until level 64?

If you use Unova Link, you could make the trainers' Pokemon stronger by switching to Challenge Mode.

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Well obviously GameFreak wants to make the Trainers/Elite4 somewhat challanging to an extent, but not to an overpowering level. This means they have to put in Pokemon with high base stats - but not at the levels in which they're supposed to evolve. It has happened in basically every Pokemon game =)

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They do this to increase the stats of an opposing NPC's Pokemon, to make the game a little more challenging. It's possible to get over-leveled Pokemon in the wild, never under-leveled evolved Pokemon though.

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Wait... you can catch wild Pokemon that shouldn't have evolved yet?!?
You can find Pidgey in their 40's in Sinnoh post-dex. :3
That is the most Pokemon-esque sentence ever. xD
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@trachy are you talking about say for example catching level 3 Pidgeotto?
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