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I currently have Black and White 1 but would like an oppinion on the new games :)


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Yeah I think so. They have a completely new story line and you can catch a lot of different Pokemon you couldn't get in BW1. Like you get a Zorua and once you beat Black tower (which is new) in Black city you can get a shiny Gible. That's exclusive to Black 2 while in white two the same thing is in White forest except its called White hollow and you would receive a shiny Dratini from Alder after completion. But first you have to beat Alder and he is tough. As mentioned before there are many Pokemon you can catch that are now included in the game from earlier versions like Buneary Magnemite Magby etc. Also the amount of legendaries you can catch is Added to as well. In B2 you can catch a Latios and in white two you can catch a Latias. Also you can catch a Cresselia, on top of Zekrom/Reshiram and kyruem. And Regice Registeel Regirock and Regigas. And if you manage to get landorus, tornadua or thundurus you can have their Therian forms. And a bunch of cities are added to like Humilau, Aspertia, Virbank,etc. New gym leaders. In my opinion very worth it.

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uhhh, you need a 3ds to get the kami trio (adus family) and you do not need to complete the game to get other region pokemon. Oh and mate, white treehollow
also Benga gives you the pokemon
Yes you need a 3DS, but you can only send them to B/W2 from Dream Radar, so they can't be obtained in the first B/W.
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I'd agree w/ knightofdragon and say that B2W2 are good games to get.

I have White (1) and both Black 2 & White 2, and honestly the game play in B2W2 is so much better, if only because when your repel wears off, it gives you the option to continue using them, instead of having to go into your bag to select it every time.

Additionally, there's some cool stuff like the shiny Dratini (W2)/ Gible (B2) and shiny Haxorus that you can get post game. The PWT just off Driftveil is pretty cool as well, and since I like it much better than the Battle Subway, so for me I find that items like Life Orb and Focus Sash etc. are much easier to obtain.

The gyms are shuffled around, and now there are new gym leaders: Cheren, Roxie, Drayden (who you only fought in Black1) and Marlon, plus a new Champion, though the E4 is pretty much the same.

As for Team Plasma, new clothing design and new boss - you still face Ghetsis and bump into N though, and you can battle N once a season post game.

And the best thing for me about B2W2... Zorua. I was so disappointed that Zoroark was only obtainable in BW by the possession of some obscure event Pokemon. As to how you get Zorua, I won't ruin it for you in case you didn't know already.

Celebi is the event pokemon to all you elmos out there
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Eh your choice.
Black2/White2 takes place after Black/White so its still in the same timeline. As you know there aren't too many changes, with Team Plasma still running around and whatnot but there are some differences like Iris being the Pokemon Champion.
Personally I preferred Black2/White2. Why? Shinies are so much easier to get. XD
And there are alot more places to visit. :3
So yes I think it's worth getting. Though you can always play the emulated version!

~Have fun

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u will ruin it!
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Ok imma make this simple WITHOUT spoilers ....

Pokemon black 2 or White 2 is definetely worth getting as it gets many new features such as new minigames and improved C-gear and multiplayer

Also the GTS system is slightly improved, now locating it in ANY Pokemon center (so no more flights to jubilife city :D)

Also the storyline has changed quite a lot in the gap between Pokemon white / black 1 and white / black 2.
It now features the same evil team but up for revenge and with a brand new plot (its amazing but I wont give any spoilers....)

Also the characters are also grown up (cheren , bianca........) and even a new rival and Pokemon black / white 2 has replaced some of the gym leaders (dude your in for a shock when you find out who the first gym leader is :P)

So all in all its a great game and if you are a fan of Pokemon, then you should definetely try and this great games


you dont catch evee and zourua, they get given to you
You can catch Eevee, but Zorua is given to you.
no, eevee was definatly given to me in....oh
i don't care he gave out 2 or 3 spoilers
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Think of B/W2 as Pokemon Emerald/Platinum
They have more Content and an Extended Mainline to the other games, not to mention catch-able Pokemon of both versions.
Everything that was hard to get in B/W (Zoroark/Landorous/Keldeo/Meleotta/Genesect) are now easier to get in B/W2.
It's better to Buy the Sequel of the game, Than the Prequel. Unless you have 2 Nintendo DS systems that can trade multiple Pokemon to Trigger certain Events.
Enjoy You're new game! And get ready for Pokemon X & Y Coming soon.

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