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I'm actually drawing a fan fic, but I need to know if Celebi can talk or not because I haven't seen the movie and I can't find it anywhere....(also, I'm wondering about Shaymin and Manaphy too.)

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Celebi isn't usually seen as talking, although technically all Pokemon can learn to talk if they really try apparently. And sometimes, the movies have a talking Pokemon (Entei for example) while the show has those Pokemon not talking. Manaphy doesn't talk really, although that is due to it being so young if I am correct. Shaymin can talk in the movie, although I don't know about the show.

Mewtwo, Lucario, jirachi, arceus, shaymin, and darkrai seem to know how to talk. thuogh in the tv series you see an other shaymin but it can't talk. same with lucario and darkrai. but strangly celebi and mew never talk even though there fellow event legendary counter parts jirachi and shaymin do
Thanks to both of you. =3