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Which is better what are there differances.

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Hi speed freak, I appreciate you trying to help the site, but there's no need to post questions just to answer yourself. If anyone has that question they can ask it themselves.
The only exception being movesets, as I expect people to answer and improve on the one I give.

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Well, Overall, Id Have To Say gengar. Heres why:
Special Sweeping, Huge Move Pool, Amazing SA and Speed so Great Sweeping Stats, Not a Bad Typing. Original. OU. Popular. Cool Looking. Levitate. What More Could Ya Want?

Thunderbolt: Gyrados, Who Needs Electric types when you can have Gengar???
Shadow Ball: STAB Owns.
Sludge Bomb/Energy Ball: Special STAB. Or Coverage.
Focus Blast: Bye Tyranitars.

Mismagius: Meh, overall, a regular Ghost Type. Not Original, Not as cool looking. Still Great Movepool. Even better than Gengars. Great Special Tank with Calm Mind.
Calm Mind: Special Tank.
Shadow Ball: STAB For The Win.
Thunderbolt/Energy Ball/Psychic: Coverage.
Psychic/Thunedrbolt/Energy Ball: More other coverage.

how is original make it better ?
How does gengar look better than mismagius?
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Gengar the first ghost and an awesome sweeper just like a slightly weaker version of alakazam with a differant type. Gengar has very high S.attack and speed and knows powerful moves like shadow ball.

Mismagius a new ghost from gen IV having high special stats and speed. Misgmagis has a good special defense which makes it capable of taking a dark pulse.


Gengar sadly cannot take a strong hit any powerful psychic will crush it and a tyranitar's crunch could kill it three times. Gengar has the bad combo of low defenses and low hp so it is limited to sweeping.

Mismagius suffers from low defense and hp so a crunch would also kill it three times. Mismagius only has slightly above average S. attack and speed so weavile can easily outrun it and crush with night slash.

So gengar is the superior sweeper though mismagius has Special tank potenial though she wouldn't be that good.

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