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I'm stuck on the the part where you battle the kimono girls. The Jolteon is worse than Whitney's Miltank, so I wanna train my Dratini to destroy the jolteon!!

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Lol I guarantee you Whitney's Miltank is worse, mostly because it is so bulky. :P
And it flinches you with that evil stomp.

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Wherever you can find the highest-level wild Pokémon is usually the best place to train for EXP (if that's what you are asking for). However, you can also call the trainers on your Pokégear to fight their Pokémon at higher levels, which gives you more EXP per Pokémon than against wild PKMN.

Before the Elite 4, the best places would be Route 45 or Victory Road. Afterward, once you have access to Mt. Silver, that's the place to train for EXP.

If however you are asking for EV training, then I'd defer to any other answers people give.

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One additional option is the Pokewalker if your game came with it. This is how I got my dratini initially at level 10 by capturing it in the Pokewalker and he spent some time in there while I walked. I also stuck the exp share on it for a good part of the journey. Since I got the dratini early, I used it as my water Pokemon with Surf and later whirlpool because I didn't have a water type at the time.

While this is a good method for leveling up super quick, your Dratini won't learn new moves as a result or gain EV boosts with each level up.  But yes, this is the best way of catching a Dratini early (hehe!).

And yes, Dratini is a good HM Slave, since it can learn Whirlpool, Surf, and Waterfall. I have a Dragonair that has those 3 moves (plus one Dragon-type move for good measure) that I reserve for water-based puzzles. Not much good in battle because of STAB, but meh.