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I'm trying to breed a Shiny Duskull or at least find one that I can trade. I know the 2 seperate countries rule for Shiny breeding, but I was wondering if the Pokemon matter as well. For example, do I have a better chance using 2 Duskull/ Dusclops/ Dusknoir instead of a Dusk and a Ditto? And if so, how much of a better chance?

Help is appreciated in advance.

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It is the same chance for the trick if you use something else besides the ditto, you'll just have to have Pokémon from different countries breeding, you'll probably just have a higher chance of getting an egg if you breed a Pokémon besides ditto.
I could trade you one, if you want, I will tell you once I'm ready for the trade.

Hope this helps!

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It's called the masuda method.
If your truly desperate ask for a foriegn ditto.