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Thinking of doing an Egg Hunt for my Pokemon White DTQ, and Shiny Zorua looks amazing. Only issue is that I have no idea how Pokemon breeding works and how to shiny hunt egg Pokemon so if someone could give me a brief explanation as to how that would work in Gen V that would be great! I read a bit into it and all I know is it involves two parent Pokemon and depending on the Pokemon the offspring can get a special move.

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That page doesn't say anything about the Masuda method.
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I’ll write a simpler answer for you.

First you need at least one Zorua.

  • If your Zorua is male, you can only breed him with Ditto to get Zorua offspring (or another female).
  • If your Zorua is female, you can breed her with any Pokemon in the same Breeding Group (field) for the offspring to be Zorua.

To raise your odds from 1/8192 to 1 /1365, one of the two Pokémon need to be from different languages of games. For example, a Canadian and an American Zorua will not raise your odds, but an English and a Spanish pair will.

Unfortunately GTS and online have since shut down, so you’ll either have to hack the international Pokémon or buy a secondary copy of the game online of a different language. Perhaps even a second console. It’s worth it for the odds, but you can hunt without.

What you read about special moves are Egg Moves, but they are not necessary for shiny hunting. That’s only if you want your Zorua to have a move it normally cannot learn.

Hope this helps!

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