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I've heard that Milotics hidden power is normally grass or electric but I asked the guy who tells you in Pokemon platinum and he says its bug is there something wrong with my milotic or will change when I migrate it to unova?

The reason you may have heard this is that on the simulators, where one can choose whatever hidden power they like, if Milotic were to carry hidden power, it would likely have hidden power electric or grass to deal with the Water types that resist its STAB. But don't worry, your Milotic is absolutely ok.

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That is completely normal. Your Milotic is fine.

Hidden Power's type is determined by IVs (read about IVs here). Hidden Power's type can be any type but Normal, so a Bug type is legal.

No Pokemon is more likely to have a certain Hidden Power type than another; Hidden Power Grass or Electric is just as common as Hidden Power Bug.

Milotic's Hidden Power type will not change if you migrate it to Unova, since IVs don't change when you migrate Pokemon.

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No. Hidden power is based on IVs. It can be any type of hidden power. The person who told you that is lying. Milotic has the same chance of getting other hidden powers.

Hope this helps!