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i heard that you can evolve Charmander/Charmeleon with a fire stone. Could you use two fire stones and evolve it fully?

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No, Charmander does not evolve via Fire Stones in any generation. It evolves at level 16 into Charmeleon and at level 36 into Charizard, hence you cannot legitimately obtain a level 5 Charizard.

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ahhh ok, i thought someone told me it could evolve vua fire stone in gen one. thans anyway
In gts negtions I ones saw a level 15 charizard.
It's not legit. Sometimes in the wild you can get evolved Pokemon that are lower level than they should be (e.g. Medicham on Sinnoh R217 @ L35-36, when it should evolve at L37), but since Charmander can only be obtained as a starter, Charizard can only be obtained via normal levelling up.
Ik it was a acton replay or somthing i got a lv.100 bulbasuar in a great ball cought on route 6 gen 5 from the gts
if they have proof its either a mod or a hacked charizard