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What is the difference between special attack and attack.

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Attack is physical moves like tackle or take down. Special Attack is moves where pokemon do not physically attack the opponent pokemon such as ember or surf.

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Swampert's answer is great. The only other thing to add is that Pokemon have two attack and defense stats, one is normal, the other is special.

So a higher special attack stat (like Alakazam) means they will be better at special moves and higher attack stat (like Gyarados) means they will be better at physical moves.

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The difference is that special attack increases the power of special power moves like surf, hyper beam,leaf storm. You can see if a move is special or physical if you go to their summery, and then their moves and it will show if the move is special, physical, or status.

Attack increases the power of physical moves like explosion, headbutt, and close combat.

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