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I read all the effects on Bulbapedia, and it wasn't there, so I assume not.
It wasn't mentioned in the effects on Smogon either.

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No it doesn't
The affects of Transform are;
Pokémon Species
Pokémon Cry
Attack Stat
Defense Stat
Speed Stat
Special Attack Stat
Special Defense Stat
Capture Rate
Stat Changes
EXP Yield
Pokémon Moves

Additionally, I just put in a Snorlax with full Happiness, no evs against a Ditto with Impostor, no EVs and 1 happiness.
Snorlax did 84% damage with return
Ditto did 1%

So yeah, transform does not copy happiness on a Pokemon.

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Hey trachy

The Pokemon that uses transform maybe change his appearance but he still is your Pokemon and has his own history with you, so no it does not copy the happiness of your opponent

hope I helped you

+1 for the first answer on this website that actually represents the true meaning of Pokemon. Friendship. :')