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I've been playing Pokemon since the release of Red/Blue, but only recently have I started looking into serious play. (For lack of better phrasing) I was wondering, what is the standard meta for a Pokemon team? For example, in the game League of Legends there's AD carries, supports, junglers, etc.....so I want to learn to understand "team comps" in competitive Pokemon.

Reading a few of these should help out.

This is rather outdated (being a Gen 4 article when we are almost in Gen 6), but still has useful info.

@Pixelmon: This is the right section for this question actually. The BS is for rating teams, other questions on  the competitive game can stay here.
There is no exact team composition. With 649 Pokemon, all with tons of different move options, EV spreads, natures, and what have you, you will unlikely see the exact same team twice, at least in the higher levels of play, where people tend not to just copy-paste the successful teams.

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One of the easiest teams IMO are the teams with a lead, a defensive core, and one or two revenge killers, AKA glue.

A lead is usually a very fast Pokemon that can scout what set the enemy is playing with, and usually carries moves like U-Turn and Volt Switch. A really common scout is Crobat, simply because he is so fast.

The defensive core usually consists of a water+fire+grass combination that can deal super effective or neutral damage to, aswell as counter, almost everything with diverse movesets and STAB moves.

The revenge killers are Pokemon with very diverse movesets and usually carry choice items and can therefore counter a lot of big threats to your team. And also, if one of your Pokemon dies, you can send a revenge killer in to sweep them away before they can kill any more team members. An extremely effective revenge killer would be Shadow Tag Chandelure, as he can learn lots of coverage moves like Psychic and Energy Ball

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Shadow Tag Chandy is unreleased. Also, revenge killers tend to be fast pokemon/priority users/scarfers, and leads tend to set up entry hazards.
That's why I said would. And sorry for missing that, just tried to remember from the top of my head