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I know that some Pokemon say their name differently but why? Ok I gotta admit it, it does sound cool.


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Well, I can't say there is really a confirmed answer to this, but I can say this:

My Illogical Theory

I believe that it may be the common hissing sounds that snakes normally make in real life, and you may be mistaking it for 'ch' instead of 's'.

I think this is true. This is something that I think a cobra would do. And this is probably the best time for the snake to do it - it's name begins with a vowel so it's a good way for Game Freak to add the 'hiss' sound.

I haven't watched the anime in a long time, so it may be quite a clear 'ch' sound. But this is probably a reason. :3

Hope I helped! ;)
Sources: My wonderful illogical theories. xD

:O nice answer +1
Personally I think it might be something to do with the way you make the sound... but meh!
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Arbok says "Charbok" because his Japanese name wasn't dubbed in the American dub of the anime.
Japanese name: Charbo
Why the "K" is a mystery