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Hello , I am new in the site and I'd like some help with the last member of my team in white 2.

The team I plan on using so far is:


I just can't decide between ferrothorn and excadrill.Ferrothorn is a good wall that can deal great damage too,while excadrill with sand rush can be one of the best sweepers ever.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Ferrothorn in my opinion.  You already have Haxorus for D Dance sweeping with outrage.
yeah ,since I'm using it for competitive battling,i guess you're right

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For in-game use:

I think you should go for Excadrill, because he is one of the best sweepers out there and could be really valuable post-game with Earthquake + Rock Slide + Swords Dance combo. And tbh walls in-game really aren't that usefull, because they slow down play.

Source: experience

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Excadrill Stats:
110 HP
135 Atk
60 Def
55 SpA
60 SpD
88 SpE
Total : 508
Ferrothorn Stats:
74 HP
94 Atk
131 Def
54 SpA
116 SpD
20 Spe
Total : 489

From a stat comparison, Ferrothorn has much better bulk, good Atk and passable HP.
Excadrill has massive Attack, excellent HP and good Speed
Additionally Ferrothorn has a much better movepool.
What you said about Excadrill's ability is true. However to do so you MUST get Sand Stream Tyranitar/similar in order to abuse it every time, which is not easily available till Lategame. This means you will not be able to abuse Excadrill to it's full extent.
Ferrothorn has the potential to wall for your team, take attacks like a boss, mess around with the NPCs and still hit hard with Power Whip/Gyro Ball
However, there is still an argument for Excadrill. If you prefer a fast hitting, hard hitting Pokemon, Excadrill is the way to go - ingame its just about hitting first and hitting hard. Very few players really bother going down a slower, more stally route.

So it really comes down to personal preference. Excadrill is suggested if you want to get this over and done with, but Ferrothorn can probably prevent less Pokemon fainting. Also Excadrill becomes better lategame, once you get access to Sand Stream Pokemon.
Personally, since I prefer getting it fast, I'd choose Excadrill

sorry for the uber long thing. I like analysing ^_^ xD
thanks for the details!
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If you are skilled player. I would recommend you to use the both. for movesets, you can search on this PokemonDB. hope it helps.

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Hmm. Personally, I prefer to balance my team, rather than having the same/similar types and not just all out attack. I'd say go with ferrethorn as you already have garchomp and haxorus to sweep. You also need a Pokemon to annoy bulky Pokemon that would otherwise sponge outrage and stone edge.

thank you!
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Hey ukulele pichu

This is one of the most interesting questions i'v seen so far. It depends on what your own style is. Are you more agressive and offensive like me then I would defenately go for Excadrill. He is unbeateble, once you have its sand rush ability activated itcan sweep whole teams. If you are patient and a more stratigic player I recomand Ferrathorn. If you give hime the standard moveset of Power Whip, Leech Seed, Protect and stelth rocks he can be a real pain in the neck.

hope I helped you

thanks for the advice!