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it would come in real handy with moves like sheer cold.
oh, and I know this is a stupid question, just curious

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The ability No Guard also allows you to hit all your attacks. However, no Pokemon has this ability and a OHKO move.

The moves Mind Reader and Lock-On also have this effect.
In fact, Articuno can learn Mind Reader and Sheer Cold.

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Doesn't Golurk get No Guard and Fissure?
thanks, now I just need to get an articuno in pokemon black 2... well that's just great. thanks
It's an easy Pokemon to obtain, so you can probably easily get it in a trade if you head on over to the chat.
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mind reader,and lock on are both moves that ensure that your moves wont miss next turn.

no guard enssures that your atacks will land.

also hail increeses blizards acurusy to 100%.

rain will also raise the acrusy of hurican to 100%

and rain also does this to thunder.

I am sorry about the mistake.

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who down voted?
it wasnt me, but rain doesn't affect blizzard at all.
I can kinda understand why this was downvoted. It has poor spelling and grammar, as well as less than ideal formatting. Presentation is an important aspect of being upvoted and getting the BA. Also, as mentioned, Rain does nothing to Blizzard.
Hail raises the accuracy, and yeah bad grammar ect.
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I guess i'll be an over achiever with my answer :P.

The ability No Guard guarantees all moves will hit. However, all moves used on the Pokemon with No Guard will also always hit.
Pokemon that can have No Guard:

  • Machop -> Machoke -> Machamp
  • Karrablast
  • Golett -> Golurk

Lock-On and Mind Reader guarantee the next move used will hit. There are many more with Pokemon with these moves. Lock-On. Mind Reader.

The strategy you are talking about is not implemented for good reason; It's horrendously overpowered. Because of this, this tactic is abused in hackmons, where people couple it with Deoxys-S to win extremely easily.

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That ability is called, drum role please....


Some other moves that raise accuracy are Lock-On and Mind Reader
Blizzard hits 100% in Hail and it has a 25% chance to break through Protect and Decet
Thunder hits 100% in Rain, and can hit Flying and Bouncing Pokemon, although it has 50% accuracy in Sunny weather
Hope I helped

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the 25% chance to break through protect/detect does not apply to Gen V I think
whatever kod