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Okay so I had a Eevee and Ditto in the daycare together and I got about 6 eggs out of the two, they got along great at first but now all of a sudden it says they don't like each other vary much. I have tried to take them out and put them back in but that did nothing. How do I fix this or will it fix itself? can it be fixed? someone please help with this.


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Pokemon that are different species and same OT will always get this result. I don't realise why you have gotten this result just now, but if it were a glitch it's fixed itself so don't worry. Just accept the fact that your Pokemon will take longer to breed.

To get the better of the results (70%) you may want to breed with two different-gendered Eevee with two different games. (i.e., different OT numbers)

Hope I helped. :)

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The question asks why the Pokemon have suddenly stopped liking each other; they got on well to begin with, but suddenly the Day Care man says they don't like each other after a few eggs.
I still think it's a viable answer. :3
But I guess I'll try find an answer.
i don't think its possible for them to suddenly hate each other xD
^ That's why I think it's a glitch which has fixed itself and really shouldn't be worried about. >_<
On a side note, this is my 200th comment. Yay. :D xD