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What do you think the latest most popular six Pokemon are in gen-5 (preferably Pokémon black and white 2 and it can be transferred). Please tell me your recommendations. :):):):):):)

This isn't a place for opinion questions.
It can be given an objective answer of sorts. Smogon stats.
Popular is still really vague though. Even by Smogon tiers, popular by usage or popular by tier? Are all Ubers more popular than the rest of the other tiers? etc.
OU is the most popular tier, but if you have any concerns, just post for all tiers.
I'll let this question slide, given the answers are more objective.

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Well obviously this information is outdated, but the most commonly seen Pokemon in competitive according to Smogon are;
OU: Scizor, Dragonite, Rotom-W, Tyranitar, Ferrothorn, Heatran [Source][1]
RU: Slowking, Druddigon, Entei, Spiritomb, [Source][2]
[1]: http://www.smogon.com/smog/issue18/metagame_bwou
[2]: http://users.smogon.com/smog/issue28/ru_metagame_analysis
Anyway those are the Gen V ones I could find. There were extremely outdated ones for UU/Uber, but as of now my guess for in Ubers would probably be Kyogre, Arceus (Extremekiller :D), Palkia, Giratina, Darkai (I could be wrong :P just taking a guess). UU i'm really not sure :P They'd probably include Togekiss and Heracross.

Anyway yeah, OU is the most played tier

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Most likely OU Pokemon, although it IS hard to tell which are the most popular, considering everyone has different opinions, personally I have 5 favourite Pokemon, including Reshiram and Scraggy. Of course not everyone would agree with what I think, just like I probably wouldn't agree with other peoples. Yet as long as people can respect others points of views, that's all that matters, and so all of us can be happy.

Hope I helped! :)