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a poke radar is an item that you get after completing the sinnoh dex or the game (sorry I forgot) it allows you to find Pokemons from other regions in distinct routes although not every time you use it a other region Pokemon shows up it'll take a while for that to happen.

Example: in route 210 sinnoh region you can't normally encounter a bagon but when you use the poke radar you can.

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Hey ken22

The PokeRadar is an Key-Item that you can obtain in Gen IV. You wil get it after you competed the regional Pokedex. You can use the PokeRadar when you stand in the tall grass. If you use it you can see where Pokemon are hiding, it kind of looks like russeling grass in Gen V. The PokeRadar will also add Pokemon of other generations to your game. After you have used the PokeRadar it will take 50 steps to recharge it.

hope I helped you