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i wanted to hack it by scraping the gamecard and when I play it says the game card can't be read


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Try blowing on the back of the game card, as dust can cause this message, keep trying several times, if you can't get it working then I suggest getting it repaired (if possible). If not buy a new one. At uk.webuy.com (CeX) you can get it the cheapest (as far as I know) however their stock is preowned, if it is not in stock in your local store try on the web or at Amazon.

Hope I helped :D

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Thank u i will try that
But it was my very first pokemon game ever... And my mom gave it to me when i was about 7 years old it was also my 3third ds game ever... Well thanks i bet it will help alot!!!!
go to game stop they have deent prices.
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  1. You can't hack a game by scraping a game.

  2. Yes, it is probably ruined. :(

If you want to hack your Pokemon game. Buy an action replay or use Pokedit.


use pokedit as action replay can glitch your game http://www.pokedit.com/.