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So I have been saving money for sometime and I decided to buy soulsilver since I couldnt afford it back n the day.I found a seller on ebay who sold a brand new copy factory sealed in protective sleeve for a very large amount of money.I also made sure that he had 100% positive feedback and checked the other items he was selling nothing seemed suspicious though cause he wasnt selling more than two Pokemon games He generally seemed like a collector of games books comics dvds so I knew there was little chance to get a fake .The game came today and although I checked somethings myself I would like a second opinion from someone more experienced in this matter.
Also if I hold the catridge up against light its has a red transparent color
Thats all sorry I am being a bit paranoid but I spend a lot of money on this I would like someone who knows how to spot counterfeit Pokemon games confirm me that I have an authentic copy since you can never be sure with ebay.
Sorry to bother and thanks for your time.

I don't think you should buy somethings from a collector, since they are never opened, coz I saw in a store an unopened version of Ruby, 50 dollar. Yup, people are crazy. So I think you should buy one max 20 dollars.
Well I have already bought it that's why I posted this.Although I agree with you I would just like to know if the copy I got is fake or authentic.I would really appreciate if you could take a look at the pictures and give me your opinion if you know how to tell a fake from an authentic cause I really have almost none experience in this matter.Thanks for your comment!
I highly doubt this is fake, unless during playing something happens that leads you to believe otherwise. The DS piracy industry would be pretty weak nowadays.
Thanks that's what I thought from what I have seen and read it seems it is an authentic soulsilver indeed.Nothing has let me to believe otherwise so far I just needed someone's more experienced opinion.Thank you for your reply and your time!

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After comparing your images with my own Soulsilver cartridge and case, everything seems to check out. The one thing that did stand out was that my case is only in English, yours appears to be in two languages. After looking up images for Soulsilver cases, I did find a few that were laid out like yours in two languages, but not many; it might be something specific to the seller’s area.
The actual cartridge is impeccably good. The color’s right, the E rating is proportioned properly, the transparent red when you hold it up the the light is normal, they even got the correct text code on the back and bottom of the front. I’m pretty convinced it’s legit. Just play the game and be wary of game-breaking glitches. I haven’t looked into fake DS cartridges as much as I have fake GBA carts, but fake 3rd Gen games are notorious for corrupting and deleting the player’s save file, especially after defeating the E4. The only other way I can think of to prove its legitimacy is to try migration or PokeTransfer, if you can. I don’t know if Soulsilver will allow you to migrate Pokémon from Gen 3 until you reach Fuschia City, but if you reach that point and it still won’t let you migrate, it’s fake. You should be able to transfer Pokémon from a legit Soulsilver cart to a Gen 5 game at any point in SS’s story, as long as you’ve made it to the Transfer Lab in the Gen 5 game.

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Well that's very nice to hear.Well I will try migrating with a gen5 game but so far it's all good I can use the pokewalker trade with other gen 4 games the game doesn't crash.As far as the cases because in some places in Canada they speak French there was a version in English but also with French letters in the case that also happens in my country too in Greece where the case in any pokemon game has both English and Greek but in game that game is still in English. I would like to think that since all of this thnjgs check out it should be a legit copy.After all I bought it from a reliable seller for 300 dollars and it was completely sealed(I was yfoled sealed as well) and kept in a protective case which is very expensive if it was going to be a fake.Thanks for your answer it really helped :) !!!
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