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Me and my friend decided to rerun SoulSilver and have a little tournament after. I know his team, which is: Tyranitar, Dragonite, Lapras, Bronzong, Machamp, Alakazam; but not the moves he has and I'm having a bit of a problem deciding the moves to give to my Pokemon in order to beat him. Can someone please help me with some adjustments to the moveset? Thanks.
This is my team:

Dragonite @ dragon fang
Ability: inner focus
- outrage
- dragon claw
- fire blast
- thunderbolt

Heracross @ black belt
Ability: guts
- mega horn
- brick break
- shadow claw
- sword dance

Snorlax @ leftovers
Ability: immunity
- rest
- crunch
- giga impact
- belly drum

Feraligatr @ mystic water
Ability: torrent
- hydrocannon
- waterfall
- icefang
- Earthquake

Anpharos @ magnet
Ability: static
- discharge
- power gem
- signal beam
- thunderwave

Crobat @ sharp beak
Ability: inner focus
- fly
- aerial ace
- you turn
- cross poison

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Yajat1449 both are Ok, i have ten days before the battle so I should have time to make substitutions...
sumwun i can get trade evolution but not DPPt
First Sinner thanks for the changes you suggested, they will probably work best against my friend. Is the best place for bp the battle tower? and if I have a Pokemon that i want to put on my team and has all the moves i want him to have but he's not even at level 50 can it work as well? Will the game put all my pokemon at level 50 or 100 during battle even if they're under that level? Thanks again for the amazing help.
Oh, and what are my best Pokemon to send in the battle tower to farm wins?
I think so. All I know about the battle frontier is from my knowledge in platinum. I don't play hgss because johto games are the one I hate the most. With that, there is no single best team for the battle tower. The longest win I had was with a Milotic and I don't really think you're willing to go through all the trouble of finding and catching on. The thing is, the ai will eventually adapt and will use a team that will counter yours so that is an issue. However, if you're goal is just to farm bp and not beat the frontier boss then it should be good enough

For the team, I would just suggest a stealth rock Tyranitar. This becomes important to break some random focus sashes. Your choice band Heracross, the one I mentioned earlier, and your dd Dragonite with yache berry or life orb Starmie with surf, ice beam, thunderbolt and psychic. I don't think that team would be that solid to reach the frontier brains but since you just want to farm bp, it should be good enough

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Dragonite: Replace Outrage or Dragon Claw with Dragon Dance, try to replace Fire Blast with Fire Punch, and replace Thunderbolt with Earthquake. See if you can use Dragon Dance, but don't use it against Lapras, Dragonite, or Tyranitar, as they may hit you with Super Effective Ice/Dragon/Rock moves.

Heracross: If you can, try to get a Flame Orb for it, as burning your Heracross intentionally will activate Guts, making it's Attack stat skyrocket. You can get Flame Orb at the Battle Frontier for 16 BP.

Snorlax: Not bad, but Giga Impact is very risky and not worth it. Maybe replace with Body Slam if you can.

Feraligatr: Feraligatr should have a higher Attack stat than Special, meaning Hydro Cannon will be weaker, making the 1-turn recharge after much less valuable than it already is. Replace it with maybe Superpower?

Ampharos: Looks good!

Crobat: Replace Fly, as two turn moves aren't good at all, with something like Steel Wing, to hit Tyranitar if it tries to switch into your Aerial Ace, that would normally make his Machamp wanna switch out.

I got a flame orb for heracross, put body slam on snorlax and replaced fly with steel wing. Is superpower worth it even if it lowers attack and defense? I'm currently working on the BP for earth quake... It's gonna take a long time...
Superpower would be good to get some extra damage on Lapras, which normally walls you, and then you can switch. It also should kill Tyranitar in one hit, if your Feraligatr has enough ATK EVs, Tyranitar has low DEF EVs, and/or you have an Adamant nature.
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So you could go about two ways either keep the same Pokemon or change it
Dragonite @ dragon fang
Ability: inner focus
If you want to keep dragonite give it dragon dance for dragon claw since his team doesn't has any steel types to resist and fairy types didnt existed back then so outrage is your best option. As for the confusion just make it hold a lum berry for that.
Otherwise you could use a salamence which has better stats and give it the moves
[email protected] berry(against alakazam, dragonite, machamp)
-dragon dance
-outrage(its a move tutor move by the way so you need to go to the battle frontier)
-aerial ace
For heracross you need to get a flame orb as that would activate guts and then give it facade
[email protected] orb
-close combat
If you can then replace crobat with houndoom as it would be useful against two mons of your opponent bronzong and alakazam while crobat is against only machamp
[email protected] specs
Ability-flash fire
-fire blast
-dark pulse
-anything you like sludge bomb or some kind of coverage move
Replace hydrocannon on feraligator asap since it's a physical attacker and not special. Give it superpower instead
For snorlax replace giga impact with return and maximize its happiness. And if you wanna use belly drum then rest technique then give it the chesto berry so that it wakes up and you have a powerful mon to attack otherwise keep something like a togekiss instead(if you decide to remove crobat only then consider this a s it will make your team a lot weak to ice, electric and rock) which has good moveset
[email protected] scarf
Ability-serene grace
-air slash(mostly just click this and your opponent would flinch most of the times)
-aura sphere
-ancient power
Ampharos is good but if you wanna replace it replace it with a jolteon which is powerful and faster
[email protected]
Ability-volt absorb
-thunder wave
-thunderbolt(thunder if you want to take some risc)
-shadow ball
-signal beam

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Why do you recommend Houndoom and not Tyranitar? Why do you add Togekiss to a team that already has 2 flying Pokemon?
It's because I recommended him to remove crobat so it's a substitute flying type for crobat
As for choosing houndoom over tyranitar is that it would be having way too much disadvantage against the opposing team
However thanks for telling me as what I wrote might create confusion but now I have corrected it.
I can't change the pokemon but will surely change the movesets like you said. Thanks!
In that case just be sure to remove fly off your crobat as it would give him a free turn to switch or set up things like dragon dance or something. Do tell me by the way whether you won or not
Yeah will for sure remove fly and make some final adjustments ad everyone suggested. I'll tell you all if I win or not! Oh, and what should I replace fly with?
Replace it with steel wing that would provide a good coverage against tyranitar
Done steel wing
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Tyranitar is difficult to counter because it can use so many different moves, but these Pokemon will usually work.
Ground Pokemon like Swampert and Hippowdon resist rock and hit back with a super effective earthquake.
Fighting Pokemon like Machamp and Breloom resist both STABs, and their fighting attacks are quadruple effective.
Scizor and Bronzong resist one of Tyranitar's STABs and are not weak to earthquake, and their steel attacks are super effective.
Skarmory, Blissey, Forretress, and Lucario are good counters when Tyranitar is choice locked to a weak move.

Dragonite is another Pokemon that learns many moves and is not very predictable.
Skarmory and Hippowdon can usually take a hit and then use roar or whirlwind.
Scizor resists extreme speed, and its bullet punch hits before Dragonite's other moves.
Mamoswine can use ice shard, but it must watch out for extreme speed.

Threats to Bronzong:
Water Pokemon like Gyarados, Starmie, and Swampert resist gyro ball, and their water moves get STAB and are neutrally effective.
Steel Pokemon like Skarmory, Scizor, and Lucario resist gyro ball and explosion and are immune to toxic.
Slow Pokemon like Nidoqueen and Hippowdon take little damage from gyro ball and can use protect to stall against trick room and screens.

Threats to Machamp:
Gyarados can intimidate Machamp and resist dynamic punch.
Forretress can usually tank dynamic punches, remove stealth rock for Gyarados, and set up its own stealth rock.

Lapras and Alakazam are so easy to check that they aren't ranked. A good team will usually unintentionally include good checks for these Pokemon.

First, put Gyarados on your team. It is the best Pokemon that can check Machamp and counter another opponent, and its intimidate can help against Tyranitar and Dragonite. Use Hippowdon to check fire blast Tyranitar and defensive Dragonite and Scizor to check ice beam Tyranitar and offensive Dragonite. I recommend using Breloom just because Tyranitar is that difficult to check. Then you can add Clefable for support and Gengar for type coverage. These are the movesets I recommend. Make sure Hippowdon is first to set up stealth rock quickly. The order of the other Pokemon doesn't matter.

Hippowdon @ leftovers
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD
Impish nature
- stealth rock
- slack off
- earthquake
- ice fang

Gyarados @ leftovers
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly nature
- dragon dance
- waterfall
- stone edge
- earthquake

Scizor @ choice band
Ability: technician
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Atk / 8 SpD
Adamant nature
- U-turn
- bullet punch
- superpower
- pursuit

Breloom @ toxic orb
Ability: poison heal
EVs: 12 HP / 244 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly nature
- spore
- substitute
- focus punch
- stone edge

Clefable @ leftovers
Ability: magic guard
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful nature
- thunder wave
- knock off
- seismic toss
- soft-boiled

Gengar @ black sludge
EVs: 80 HP / 176 SpA /252 Spe
Timid nature
- will-O-wisp
- taunt
- shadow ball
- focus blast

All 6 of these Pokemon are obtainable in HGSS.

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Yeah prob the best team for countering my friend's one. But I don't have Time and can only make adjustments to the movesets now...
> Scizor and Bronzong resist dark

Bronzong doesn't... because of its Psychic typing.
oops edited
bronzong is nutral to dark and resists scizor for dark
I edited my answer 9 hours before you posted this comment....