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I know this looks like a rate-my-team question, but this is in-game, so I had to move it here instead.
I'm about to go challenge Clair. This is the team I have currently:

Typhlosion - Level 37
Item - Choice Specs
Flame Wheel
Lava Plume
Fire Blast

Ampharos - Level 37
Item - Shell Bell
Charge Beam
Thunder Wave
Light Screen

Heracross - Level 37
Item - BrightPowder
Brick Break
Shadow Claw
Close Combat
Rock Tomb

Nidoqueen - Level 37
Item - Quick Claw
Sludge Bomb
Double Kick

Vaporeon - Level 37
Item - Soothe Bell
Shadow Ball
Strength (gonna get rid of it for Blizzard)
Aurora Beam

Skarmory - Level 37
Item - N/A (no idea what to use)
Steel Wing
Rock Smash (what should I replace it with?)

Do you think this is high enough level? Are these good moves/items? Or should I level up to 38 and/or get some different moves/items?

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This team is ok, but I suggest you level them all to Level 40 since Clair's Pokemon's level are 38-41.

I suggest you put Metal Sound on Skarmony since Ampharos and Vaporean are special attackers. Use a heart scale for it.

Vaporean should be able to sweep the Dragonairs of Clair with Blizzard and Ampharos should be able to sweep Gyarados.

As for the last Pokemon, Kingdra, it's weakness is only dragon. So I suggest having a dragon Pokemon or a dragon move on your team. If you can't, I suggest taking on Kingdra with Ampharos' Discharge or Vaporean's Blizzard. But getting a dragon on your team is the best since the champion is a dragon user.

The items are not really of a concern. I suggest you remove the soothe bell on vaporean because it's quite useless.

For Typhlosion, I suggest you don't put too much fire moves on it.

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