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It feels kinda weird to ask this, but I finally got a shiny eevee in platimum from RNG. So here is my planned moveset.

enter image description here

LeafyGreen (Leafeon) @ Leftovers
Trait: Leaf Guard
EVs: 160 HP/124 Atk/224 Spd
Shiny: Yes

~ Swords Dance
~ Leaf Blade
~ Substitute/Double Edge
~ Baton Pass

So, substitute or double edge? Also can you please tell me where the TMs are, thanks.

I Would Recommend Return Instead, and Give it X scissor over Baton Pass
hmmm... maybe
I say don't call it LeafyGreen! Call it Tory or Knife or if you but GrassKnife. But DON'T call it LeafyGreen! :3

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Substitute. As Leafeon has pretty high defences, Sub will help it set Swords Dance up. Iirc, I used the same set when I battled in other tiers for fun :3

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Thanks! Where do you get the TM?