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On Pokemon platinum, in Amity square, I always bring my Torterra with me and when I talk to it, she keeps pretending to trip and sometimes is holding somthing. (wait, what? Torterra has hands?)

what does this mean

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I was going to answer this but I can't even remember what Librity Square is.

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Amity Square is a park in Sinnoh where Trainers can walk around with
their Pokémon and talk to them to check their moods. It is located
north of Hearthome City.

Checking their moods is the main purpose of talking to them. The items your Pokemon can hold are Fashion Props that can be used in the Pokemon Contest. Not all Pokemon have hands but that doesnt mean that they cant pick up stuff with their mouths like how dogs do it


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In DPPt, Pokemon in Amity Square can pick up things as they walk with you, and the items are mainly accessories or berries. When it says something like "Oh? (Pokemon) is holding something", that means your Pokemon has picked up something and you can take it from them.

Sometimes it'll say that your Pokemon likes you (indication of its happiness), sometimes it'll it tripped, which is just a random filler reaction.

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The purpose of being able to talk to your Pokemon in DPPt in the Amity Square is for the novelty, but it also provides the function of being able to retrieve items used for contests.

Every 200 steps you take, your Pokemon will find something new.

Here is a more detailed list of the items you can find in Amity Square.

I know everything that you have said but the 200 steps thing