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I'm curious... Ever since I got to Hearthome City I been thinking two things when I saw that cathedral.

1) Sweet a medieval Christian/Catholic cathedral (please no hate on this one)

2) I know Game Freak didn't put a random cathedral to spark the interest of Christian players, then is it connected to the Sinnoh Legends at all?

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It's symbolism in a way. Showing that the legendarys of Sinnoh are like the religious God people in our world believe today. For example one woman within the cathedral says something along the lines of her being at the cathedral to pay her respects to the Pokemon who created the world, and existince. Which if you read pokedex entries that can be 3 Pokemon.

Palkia, Dialga, and Arceus.

So its like a Pokemon worship center for those three legendaries.

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Ok, I was actually curious about this. In the "past" of Platinum there used to be a plaque in the church that would tell you the tales of Dialga and Palkia. So curiously I went around to some homes in the game and there was a character that once read the plaque and remembered that it had to do with Dialga and Palkia and that there used to be a third Plaque that he didn't remember what it said. now being that you have Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina being the dragon trio's of the game, I'm going to take a long shot and say that it is Giratina's plaque.

Another theory of mine is it being related to Arceus. You know. Arceus being the "god" Pokemon and a cathedral? hmmm.

This made me then question the plague being Giratina's being that Giratina had a whole new dimension for itself. (Supposedly the "hell" of the game considering how dreary it looks maybe? I don't really know.)

My two guesses are the third plaque being for Giratina, the third 1/3 to dialga and plakia. Or it being for Arceus, being "god" and all.

Hope this helps.