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Aron lv. 1
Ability: Sturdy
Item: Shell Bell
Moveset: as long as it knows Endeavor

I asked this question because I saw a guy on youtube have a wi-fi battle with an aron w/ the details above amazingly beating a whole party of lv. 100s XD

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No, in fact, it is far from invincible as pretty many strategis can counter this Pokemon with relative ease
Here are a few:

  • Knock off.Once it's item is knocked off, Aron becomes pretty useless
  • Once Aron's shell bell gets Tricked away, it can't do anything
  • Hail as active weather will bring down Aron
  • A Pokemon with a priority move makes quick work of it
  • Stealth rocks, Spikes will take a huge amount of HP of this guy
  • Another Pokemon imprison makes Aron completely useless if it's only move is Endeavor and will force it into struggle
  • A Ghost type Pokemon will stop any day
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Or trick. I`m still amazed the youtube guy had done it ( the opponent only attacked straight on, thats why )
Only people with poorly made teams get swept so easily. A more impressive victory is against an opponent of actual worth, even if you win by only one Pokemon.
Yes, most teams are usually prepared for a F.E.A.R.  When it was first used, it was hard to counter, however not long after a counter was made. Although I really appreciate the BA I am ok with just a vote. JarJar pretty much said exactly the same thing :)
^what trachy said
'Hail or Sand as active weathers will bring down Aron'

Because Steel Types totally take damage from Sand.
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Absolutely NO Pokemon is invincible.
Things that will bring it down are:

  • Multi-hit moves
  • Priority
  • Ghost types
  • Entry hazards
  • Shedinja
  • Hazards
  • Any moves that rid it of its item
  • Disable or Imprison
  • Hail
  • Burn or Toxic
  • Attract
  • Confusion
  • Paralysis
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well, not INVICIBLE,but very hard to beat `cause of Sturdy and Endeavor, and Shell Bell restores it to full HP so Sturdy will be activated again. ( not including 2-5 hit moves )
You asked if it was invincible. It is easily brought down by one of those thing I listed. Only unprepared teams are swept by it.
JarJar? Do you train your fingers to type fast 0.0 xD
Aron is a Steel type, and so is immune to Toxic.
leech seed as well
also mega kangaskhan will take it down easily with fake out lol