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I have a wurmple and I will either:

  1. Breed Wurmples with Dittos
  2. Wait till the preferd one comes to evolution.
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Choose Beautifly. Beautifly has Stun Spore and an average Special Attack. However, this is nothing compared to all the other low stats and x4 Rock weakness. Dustox is even worse though. Being slow, and having Special Defense as the best stat (not even being able to survive a special attack still mind you) also not being able to do any damage. I suggest not adding either to your team. If you want a Neverused Bug type, choose Venomoth. If you just want a good Bug type, go with Scizor, Forretress, Ninjask, Yanmega, or Heracross

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what a hippogrit dustox has the same defense as beutifly
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i would pick dustox not only does dustox massively do well in poisoning dustox does not get status effects so it will not acquire burn also with the extra defense from cascoon it last really long in battles hope this helps :D

Sorry i was a real dumb head when i answered that i don't know anything about choices like that also self critique dustox wouldn't live to tell the tale of being burned.
with shield dust he would