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Landorus is apparently now Ubers, and Froslass is OU. What were the others and when did this happen?

Froslass is BL if you want to be technical. Although it might as well be in OU, seeing as its banned from the lower tiers now. I never got the point of BL and BL2, because it is really no different than OU and UU, respectively.
BL just means that it's not quite OU but you can't use it in UU. BL is essentially limbo, but yea, I find those tiers a bit pointless too.
I was surprised about Landorus too. I think that was a while ago

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I don't know about Landorus, but if you go to the Smogon home page, there is a news item about Froslass, and its dated the 17th of Aug, so I assume that one happened then.

Look here for the page I was talking about.
EDIT: Also on the same news article it mentions Snow Warning was banned from RU, just to answer the second part of your question, even though this isn't really a complete answer.

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Yes, just to clarify, only Landorus-Incarnate went to Ubers, Landorus-Therian is still in OU :3