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What if I have a level 100 Shuckle, with maxed out defenses. Can any more damage be done if the following criteria are met:

-His attack power is boosted all 6 stages with stat boosting moves.
-He uses power swap to switch attack and defense.
-He is holding a metronome.
-His partner uses helping hand in the same turn.
-His partner is a Cherrim, and flower gift is active.
-He has skilled swapped the ability "huge power" or "pure power
-He uses defense curl +rollout (double power and STAB.)
-His target is a level 1 Ledyba (4X weakness to rock)
-The ledyba has a minimum possible defense stat (58) and has had screech used against him three times.
-The fifth strike of rollout lands a critical hit.

Is there anything I'm missing that could possibly make this do any more damage? Can you imagine this happening in a battle, as unlikely as it is?

The damage level...
9001, AT LEAST.
And thus, Will=Vageta
ITS OVER 9000!!!
You know the first rollout would ko him, right???
its possilbe in a triple battle.
indeed shuckle has the greatest def & spdef but no atk. power swap really helps

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If Ledyba could learn Power Trick it could have 20 base Defense instead of 30.

Actually, if I'm not mistaken a Power Tricked Shuckle would have 20 HP and 10 Defense, with a 2x weakness to Rock. So it would take more damage than Ledyba which has 40 HP and 30 Defense, with 4x Rock weakness.

You are not completely mistaken, but: This would be true for higher Level Pokémon, but since the target is only Level 1, any base Defense below 50 will result in the same effective Defense: 4. Thus, the Ledyba could just as well have been a Delibird, Combee, Yanma or Ninjask, since these also have base Defense < 50 and are 4x weak to Rock.
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213,896,052 is the amount of damage actually. And let me guess, the Shuckle trivia page, last bullet point on bulbapedia? So nope, max amount of damage.