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Just spent the whole day breeding a good nature/good IV larvitar and would like some input as to what EVs you people would suggest.

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For a pure physical sweeper that would be Attack and Speed. You can simply max out each. Tyranitar's speed isn't great but it would be good enough to OHKO a few pokemon.

Alternatively, you can accept Tyranitar will get hit and make him a "tank" by putting EVs into Def/SpDef/HP too. I would go for max Attack then split HP and Defense evenly. Maybe a little SpDef for security.

He's more likely to take physical attacks, particularly Fighting, although Lucario is pretty common and usually has Aura Sphere (special). Same goes for Mewtwo in Ubers. However, sandstorms increase the Special Defense of all Rock-type Pokemon so Tyranitar will get a boost from that.

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252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Tyranitar is more of a tank than a sweeper, even if you max out his speed, and if you max out his attack he's unstoppable because he has the base defenses to back it up.