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I had my Starmie in the nursery - in Pearl - for about 30-36 hours and it did not level up at all. Was just wondering if that's how it always goes and what that means?

I have another question - on the one hand, I want to ask it in its own category , but on the other hand I don't want to just crowd up this place with questions.
Sooo here it goes: The GTS. For one thing, what is the deal with all these Pokemon on the GTS not disappearing after they're already gone? Ticking me off. It always only seems to happen with all of the oens that I want the most! Sometimes they are on there for even a couple of days afterward. I was thinking maybe the Pokemon doesn't disappear until the person goes back to get it? I dunno.
Also, all this time I was thinking that people are just the biggest jerks ever for asking for such obviously unequal trades but then I realized that in some cases they don't actually WANT to trade, they're trying to evolve. But I think there are a lot of dumb kids who see the unrealistic offers/requests & think hey! I can get a level 90 Vibrava for my Magikarp. Or whatever.... so then that kind of creates a really stiff market. Its really making me wish there were some kind of moderation or something on the GTS. I cant get anywhere!!!
I posted on a couple of sites about how i'm struggling with completing a dex & I have all of these different games now but most don't xfer between each other...or they do...I dunno. GAHHHH! So the GTS would be a good option if everything there weren't so messed up.

In the title, you said you had a question about the gts. all i see is a bunch of useless ranting without anysort of question in the “question” at all. and btw, you cant trade on the gts cuz a bunch of f**its like to put up level 9 and under zekroms
The second question wasn't really a question... It was more of a complaint. :P Can you be more clear?

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I assume by Nursery you mean Day Care? If so, the problem is this:
> Pokémon in Day Care gain one experience point per step the player takes.
~ Bulbapedia

So if you were either sitting still or not moving much, it make sense because they gain experience from you walking, not how long they are in the Day Care.

As for the other question, I have no idea. I checked Bulbapedia and there is no glitch or feature that does that, so my guess would actually be some type of ultra-lag where it appears that they are there, but they aren't. There could be other reasons though.

Hope this helps you a bit. :)

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There is actually a question posted right in there, ShinyDitto.  
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For starters, Pokemon only level up in Daycare if you run around.
>Pokémon in Day Care gain one experience point per step the player takes.

[Bulba][1], anyway so basically if you're just going a few steps, not doing much travelling Starmie's not going to level up. Even if you put it in for 1000 hours it's not going to do flip to Stamie's level.

In regards to your second question... I have no idea what you're asking? xD. Maybe you're just really unlucky. I'll update this part if I ever understand xD
[1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_Day_Care