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Hi. First off, this (Pearl) is the 1st Pokemon game I've ever played, so if I say anything that makes me sound clueless... there ya go!

Ok I am near the end of the game, storylinewise. I have 140 in my Pokedex and I'm wondering a few things.
a. is it possible to get to 150 and get the national dex before beating the Elite 4? I ask this because....

b. I have been using a Bidoof & Bastiodon to do most of my HM moves. Bastiodon has terrible attack and pretty much everything except for his defense is bad. And Bidoof is Bidoof. 'nuff said.

So what I want to know is if there's a way I can get all the way up to the E4 & then get to a PC or something & switch them out for better guys? Havent been able to get rid of them so far bec. I need rock smash, waterfall, etc. (not that I will EVER make it through Victory Road. OMG!)

c. so lets say I do the above & somehow EVER actually make it out of that horrible place LOL (Victory Road) & make it to the final 4 or whatever. Which Pokemon types are the safest to NOT have?? Because now that I'm close, I'm seeing that its not even mathematically possible to cover every move type. I've been trying to cross train some guys - hope that's not a bad idea. You know, like teaching Grass Knot to Raichu or Ancient Power to Palkia.

Speaking of Palkia, I still have my master ball I wonder if I should/could replace Bidoof or Bastiodon with another legendary before I get in there?? Thanks!!


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Well first of all I don't think you can get the national dex before the Elite 4. Some of the Elite4 might have Pokemon which you havn't seen before. Lioke Garchomp and Spiritomb I suppose.

Also, yes it is possible to switch Pokemon at the league. Just at the Pokemon league there is a Pokemon Center, PokeMart - and this means you can switch Pokemon around at will ^_^

Also against the elite4 to beat them you need fire/flying moves, water/ground moves, dark/ghost moves and ice moves. There isn't really a specific type you shouldn't bring since each has its own merits and will do decently against one of the elite 4/ champion.

Regarding getting a new Pokemon doesn't really matter. I went into the elite 4 with only 4 usable Pokemon and just 2 fillers I used as death fodder. XD. As long as your Pokemon are of a good level and have decent movesets and you have alot of full restores and stuff you'll be completely fine it's a breeze =)
However if you want a Pokemon like Azelf is a perfectly viable alternative since it gets Nasty Plot and good attacking moves

~Hope I helped and GL

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Sweet!  Thanks for your answer.   
I love this freaking game.  For years I wanted to try but when my kids were doing the TC game and  watching the Anime, I thought the games would be too .... childish?   Finally, I've been sick for awhile & my son convinced me to try one of the DS games and wow.  
Because one of my first considerations for a game is gameplay length & how much you get out of it.  Nothing enrages me more than something that you pick up & finish in just a few weeks!
Haha no problem :P
And same feeling when you finish a game in a week or two :P especially if it's a good game.
Hi - not sure if anybody will see this since I'm adding it to my pre-existing question so I MAY try to post it separately but I am trying to not create too many different posts.  

So I have a definite final team picked and I've got everything done that I needs ta get did to go to the Elite 4  (Pearl) but my guys are just not strong enough yet.   Been leveling them up & improving everything, which is taking everything out of me!   I just do not have this type of patience.  OMG.   

What I want to know is - keep in mind that I have NO amulet coin.  I am hoping I can get it back in a day or two when my Pokemon-thieving son comes back from a few weeks with his dad!   So I've been relatively poor.  

My team are all at level 50, with a Clefairy at 47 and Snover way down at 37 because I kept trying to change my mind about him.  But they're just not quite strong enough yet.  I want to get them to level 60 apiece  before jumping in.

I cant find any rare candy and I cant afford all of the vitamins or whatever.   So I guess its all about earning enough money & buying my way to the top lol.   And battle to get more exp, etc. etc. etc. of course.   

You could try lucky egg which increases exp by 1.5x and can be found on Chansey (rare though and I'm not sure if available in Pokemon Pearl)
Also above Veilstone there are two girls, use the versus seeker and battle them a couple times and their Pokemon should be a level 60 Clefable and level 60 Raichu.
Battle in Pokemon Centers. The Reporters you can find sometimes are fairly good, and will help speed things up.
Thanks for the answers.  

Just now I was working on all that & I came across Mesprit, so I ended up using my masterball on him so now the lineup that I mentioned above changed.  Hope I don't regret that!!  Glad I didn't waste it on Palkia or Uxie though.
So now its snover, palkia, infernape, starraptor, uxie and mesprit.   ahhh so I think this is good.
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