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Well lv 1 genesect learns just too many moves so which would it acctually know ? And Why only those ?

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Idk if anyone could possibly know that. No way to know
You know, you can check it in here: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/genesect

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Techno Blast
Quick Attack
Magnet Rise
Metal Claw

Two possibilities:
Either Techno Blast is replaced because it's the first move, or it'll ask you if you want your Level 1 Genesect to learn Screech & which move it should replace. Can't say for sure because Genesect can't be L1 unless hacked.

Genesect - Bulba

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But when u hack in a pokemon it gives it different moves =/ i guess an egg cud be hacked in
I'm sure someone could hack a pseudo legit Genesect and have it have all the moves it should have.
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A Lv. 1 Genesect would have the moves: Quick Attack, Screech, Magnet Rise, Techno Blast but one of these won't be in its move set as obviously, only four moves are allowed, and as it is a legendary, it cannot breed and therefore doesn't receive egg moves.

We will never know which ones it knows but, if you want one that isn't in its move set you can go to the Move Rememberer and get it to remember it for whatever item is required in that specific game.