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In Pokemon platinum, I want a cubone/marowak . When I checked how to get them it said swarm. What does swarm mean?

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After you get the National Dex, Talk to the little girl in the bottom right house in Sandgem town daily. She will say that a certain Pokemon has been seen in a certain route. Here is a list of the Pokemon and where to find them:

Valley Windworks Electrike
Eterna Forest Slakoth
Route 201 Doduo
Route 202 Zigzagoon
Route 203 Cubone
Route 206 Larvitar
Route 207 Phanpy
Route 208 Dunsparce
Route 209 Snubbull
Route 214 Spoink
Route 215 Drowzee
Route 217 Delibird
Route 218 Voltorb
Route 221 Farfetch'd
Route 222 Skitty
Route 224 Natu
Route 225 Makuhita
Route 226 Krabby
Route 227 Spinda
Route 228 Beldum
Route 229 Pinsir
Route 230 Corsola

They won't be in order like this though.
Hope I helped!

I hate swarms. They were so annoying, especially when I needed that Pokemon. >.<
yep, same here
thanks! I was about to ask the same question.  nothing to do with the ability, right?
you know if you can change the time to 23; 58 and go to the game and wait till 00;00 and ask the little girl again and it will be different
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A swarm is basically a "large" group of Pokemon that dont appear everyday. After you have defeated the Elite 4 and obtained the National Pokedex, Lucas' sister, living in Sandgem Town below the professors lab, will tell you daily where are certain Pokemon. Cubone is a Pokemon that will appear on Route 203, but you have to be patiente because he wont appear whenever you want him to.

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A swarm is when a group of Pokemon that you wouldn't find in that version are in a Certain spot for a day. Hope I helped.