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I wanna make 100lvl Charizard, so I want as great as possible:)


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Well charizard runs a wild diversity of sets, however most of them tend to be special attackers. So I would recommend running the Timid Nature on Charizard as it will enable you to be fast as well as have a great offensive presence.

Special attacker and recommended Natures

  • Timid for the standard sets
  • Modest/Timid for scarf sets

However it must also be noted that physcial sets are very good too. For this reason I would say Adamant or Jolly Nature if you are planning on using moves such as Flare Blitz, Earthquake etc.

Physical attacker Natures

  • Jolly Nature for standard sets
  • Adamant/Jolly Nature for choice physical scarf
Ok, ty:) I'm still not sure which one I should choose. Maybe I'll take Quirky or some of the other neutral natures.
You are welcome :)

If you aren't sure you could always go for a neutral nature but you can also go for the rare mixed sweeper and chose a nature such as hasty or Naive. They both boost speed but lower defense/special defense respectively. If you want a dual offensive Charizard I would recommend Naive/Hasty. However Timid should be the best nature for a standard charizard :)
I just thought if I'm going to teach Earthquake or/and Fly for it. If I'll, I'm not sure would Timid be so good.  But now I know what I'll do.  I have many Charmanders so I'm going to move one in my W2 and try to get Timid Charmander 'cause in W2 I can get Earthower and Airslash for it. In HG I'll get some of the neutral natures so I can teach Earthquake for it.
kk, cool :)