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Will anyone answer me I said I am in front of the tv now what do I do?

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To catch it, all you need to do is, after getting the National Pokedex, go back to the Old Chateou in the Eterna Forest at night(you might see some ghosts, btw). Go to the room with the TV, and thump it, and you should encounter Rotom

You don't need the national pokedex
For Pearl you do.
Please explain "thump"....

I'm playing Pokemon diamond, have the national Dex and still no Rotom.  When I "A" on the T.V. it simply says "There is a malevolent feeling coming from inside the t.v..."  or something like that, but no Rotom.  ANd yes I've tried this at 2:30am
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I don't know why Rotom isn't appearing for you but it won't work if you recently changed the DS clock, you need to wait at least 24 hours.