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Okay, on Black 2, I traded via GTS Negotiations. I traded my level 100 Shiny Drapion for a level 68 Regigigas and now I feel really bad. This was before I found out that you can catch Regigigas later on in the game, so I feel like I rushed into this. And I've never battled with the Drapion before and I really wanted to. I was also planning on breeding Drapion to get a Skorupi with really good Egg Moves, but I forgot to. Now I have a Regigigas with really weird moves. Was this trade a mistake?

from your point of view, you seem like you regret it, so I agree that it was a bit of a mistake
What are the moves of the Regigigas?
what do you mean by "weird moves"?
By weird moves I mean moves that you wouldn't expect it to have.

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Well on a scale of utility and worth, I would personally say that I get your point and how much it disturbs you that such a trade happened. Though I would say that this trade does have some profits. Though Regigigas is not exactly a Pokemon designed for successful battling it is quite rare seeing as you need a Regice before you can actually catch it and Regice is not available in Black 2. Another thing is that it can be quite hard to capture and seeing as you still have the ability to change it's moves, this seems quite profitable. As for the shiny Drapion, there is little chance that you will encounter another one as such as it is extremely rare to find shiny Pokemon. But if it doesn't bother you that much you still have the possibility to catch both a normal as well as a DW ability skorupi at a relatively high level meaning that it will only cost you a few level-ups and you have another Drapion. They are quite frequent so if you are looking for one with a specific nature you will most likely find it again. it can be easy to train if you utilize the Black Tower leveling-up method where you can battle Pokemon per area that sooth the levels of your own Pokemon. You can also Ev train it. If you are active on the join Avenue this will be a little easier seeing as you can get special EV trainings in exchange for money. With the Skorupi you can also utilize it to breed egg moves on it

for the reasons I listed above I personally think it is a win-win situation for you, though I can understand that some people like shiny Pokemon :)

I personally don't think you have made a mistake :)

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Thanks, but I already had a Regice when this happened, but didn't know that's how you get Regigigas
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If you want me to be legit serious, no it was not an accident. You purposefully traded it. JK JK

But if you want a more advanced opinion, I can say that it goes two ways. On the first hand, keeping shinies is like making a collection. You just keep them all because they are freakign awesome. But on the other hand, you do need both Black2 and WHite 2 to get Regigigas so it was useful if you don't want the hassle of having both games or trying to get a Regice/Regirock( which is harder to trade for than Regigigas). There are the technicals.

From my opinion, you can always get more Skorupi (in Reversal Mountain) for breeding but if you wanted the shiny, then I feel your loss and I can say it was a mistake. (And just so you know, I traded my first shiny for a legendary, and I regret it now too, so it happens to the best of us)