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Ive got pased snorlax and battled one or two gym leader in kanto. But I now ive battled Brock last so ive goten all the islands and ive met blue or red, but havent battleed the last two gym leader. Ok well I know its not the best way to ask but it the only way to describe it.

Sorry its in hg and im past johto ans I need two more badges and I know one is from blue.

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Thats one of the kanto badges earned, but there are 7 others.

They are:
Cerulean - Water
Saffron - Psychic
Vermillion - Electric
Fuchsia - Poison
Cinnabar - Fire
Celadon - Grass
Viridian - (Mixed)

Hope this helps!!! :P

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Go to Cerulean City, but you have to find the guy that gives you HM 1 (Cut) so you can easily get around. Basically, get a bunch of gym badges in other towns.

Well, I think she's talking about HG/SS. But, it's her fault, because she didn't mention game