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When I was watching Pokemon The Orange Islands and I saw that when Ash came home, he saw Brock there and whenever anyone said Prof. Ivy,(or even spelled LIVE),Brock always says "Don't mention that name!","Th..that name..." or "I don't want to talk about it." so I'm wondering why Brock is so scared of Prof. Ivy.

Maybe because she was fierce.
She probably asked him to open his eyes.
Currently unknown

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According to Bulbapedia:

Brock briefly left the show during the Orange Islands saga to work for Professor Ivy on Valencia Island and so is only seen in a couple of cameos in the second movie. While there, something happened that will probably remain secret as Brock will only huddle and say "that name" whenever he is asked about it. In Destiny Deoxys, he mentioned his work for her, though this line was added in the dub. After this incident, Brock returned to Kanto where he was found by Delia Ketchum, who helped him to regain his strength.

It is a mystery~

Hope I helped. :)
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Brock_(anime)

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Well, it is brought up a bit after he returns that she rejected his love, as did other girls as we see through the series. He spent a while with Professor Ivy. So after all he did for her and all the time they spent together, when she rejected him, I'm sure it put him in a horrible state of depression. And when people bring her up, I'm sure it's a huge reminder of what happened, which is why he doesn't like when people bring it up.