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Would this be considered as cheating?

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I only have white 1, and I have a Klinklang. I'd like to make it learn Wild charge, but it can only learn it in white/black 2. So if I trade it to a friend that has white 2, and that he makes it learn Wild charge and trades it back to me, would this be right?

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I thought it could learn it through a TM in Black/White, or am I mistaking myself?

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there is no cheating in any Pokemon game unless you use action replay so no its not cheating

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Thanks! Just wanted to be sure.
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No. That is not considered cheating. Many people really use that strategy in order for there Pokemon to gain certain moves or to be tutored. You can only cheat if you actually use "cheats" or if you use and Action Replay. But what you are doing is completely normal and almost everyone does it.

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Thanks Absollover! I'm working right now on an Absol moveset. What a coincidence :D!
Oh cool! Good Luck! :D
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Wild Charge is also a TM in Pokémon Black and White. There is no need to trade if you've gotten far enough to get the TM.

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