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Usually, when I put 2 compatible I the daycare of Pokemon Heartgold, the old man will say " your Pokemon and Pokemon are doing fine"...... and at the end he'll say "lets exchange phone numbers so if we discover an egg, we'll call you" but when I but misdreavus(female) and haunter(male), he did not say anything about the phone number is my game broken? or is there something wrong here?

Edit: the thing is that he will question you if he is allowed to call you when there is an egg every time you talk but now , he doesnt .

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Do you already have his phone number? If you do, then you don't need to exchange numbers with him.
Actually guys, the daycare man took my phone number twice or more than twice...
Note: I always say Yes to this offer..
After you talk to him he will ask you if he'd contact you by phone if one of the Pokemon is holding an egg.

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Meloetta's right once you have his phone number there is no need exchange anymore

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You already have his number why do you need it twice? The NPC's in the HG/SS (also G, S, and C) only have it set to give out their number once after the act/transition is finished it is taken out of the game unless you reject it.

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