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If a Pokemon uses a self-confusing move like Outrage,Petal Dance,Thrash and it's ability is Own Tempo will it get confused?
also are there any Pokemon with Own Tempo and can learn a self-confusing move?


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Yes. " pokemon with this ability can't be confused." Teeter dance is a pretty common trick to use with this. grumpig, licklylicky, purugly, slowbro, slowking, smeargle, and spinda are the only gen I-IV pokemon with this ability. If a pokemon gets this ability from something like skill swap, and they were already confused, then they won't be instantly cured of confusion upon receiving the ability.

Another popular strategy is the use of Swagger in Double-Battles on a teammate with Own Tempo.
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Yes, own tempo will prevent you from getting confused from self caused confusion.Smeargle is the only one who can learn a self confusing move and has own tempo