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I know you can't trade Own Tempo Rockruff to SM, but can you trade it to another USUM game?

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Yes. I have done this personally. I missed the event, so my friend bred me one to do a walkthrough with.

I don't know if you can do it with the originally distributed individual, but it would probably make the most sense to allow it if it's breedable. So I'm going to say yes to that too, but I can't confirm just yet.

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Actually, you know what, let me amend this. I now recall that I didn't actually trade this. I used Pokemon Bank to transfer this. If I can do that, I would still have to assume that it can indeed be traded between USUM games, though.
I can confirm that he can be traded, as I've received one via GTS myself.

I don't believe Own Tempo Rockruff can be placed in the wonder trade, however.
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