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Yo weddos, weddettes.
I'm thinking on a team for competitive use, and I was considering the following but I have no clue about these Pokemon, and cant find dirt on them so, I wanted to ask,

Spiritomb, Rampardos, Huntail, Kangaskhan, or Ledian?
i know personal favourites shouldnt come in to play for an efficient team, but I would greatly appreciate the pro's and con's of each?
Thanks for any help/support

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By the way, the tiers from highest to lowest are Ubers, OU, UU, RU, NU, LC. Generally Pokemon are placed in the category that fits them best, so normally the Pokemon in the higher tiers are more powerful/more versatile than the ones in the lower tiers. Each of these are suited to only their own tiers, and should generally not be used in higher tiers. Most of these guys are in NU, so if you're going to the higher tiers (OU, UU) they will outclassed, and don't bother using them.
Alright so;


Typing: Ghost/Dark
Stats: 50/92/108/92/108/35 (HP, Atk, Def, S.Atk, S.Def, Spe)
Abilities: Pressure/Infiltrator

  • No weaknesses courtesy of it's typing(For now, not sure when Fairy comes out and new resistance chat thingy)
  • Good Defense and Special Defense, as well as decent offensive stats
  • Functions as perhaps the best spin blocker in the RU tier (That's it's smogon tier), with the ability to beat all the main rapid spinners, as well as take on some of the larger threats such as Gallade and Sigilyph
  • Ability to run offensive sets and defensive sets
  • Cynthia uses it (:3)


  • Abysmal speed and HP stats
  • Lack of reliable recovery (Pain Split or Rest being it's options, pain split being situational as it also depends on opponent health, and rest puts you out of commission for 2 rounds, and if they manage to force a switch on you in that time, that means you have no idea when you wake up ;~;)
  • Attacking movepool isn't very large, limiting coverage
  • Phazers/strong walls completely wall the offensive sets (I hate mandibuzz ;~;)
  • Standard defensive set completely wrecked by fire types xD

Basically: Pretty good walling Pokemon, with offensive options as well


Typing: Rock
Stats: 97/165/60/65/50/58 (HP, Atk, Def, S.Atk, S.Def, Spe)
Abilities: Mold Breaker, Sheer Force

  • Ridiculously high attack, as well as decent HP
  • Good offensive abilities in Mold Breaker and Sheer Force
  • Access to Stealth Rock, which might not be the easiest thing to get up, but really helps your team if you get it up, and Rampardos still poses a massive offensive threat
  • Pretty damn good offensive movepool, both Physically and Specially
  • Rampardos's Head Smash is the strongest move in the NU (Neverused) tier.
  • Sheer Force allows Rampardos to run a special set, as it effectively means Rampardos has a base 99 special attack stat - which is pretty good. Special Rampardos can get around it's usual counters.
  • Ehh. Roark uses it? :3 Roark is cool


  • Bad defense, special attack, special defense and speed. Well abysmal really :3 (Special Attack can be remieded by sheer force_
  • Head Smash's ridiculous recoil means that Rampardos is probably going to be dead after a couple turns anyway.
  • Weakness to 5 types, being Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water and Grass with some of those being quite common attacking types
  • Due to bad defenses, can't take a hit to save it's life, and gets completely destroyed by most forms of priority

Basically:Hits like a truck, can't do anything else


Typing: Water
Stats: 55/104/105/94/75/52 (HP, Atk, Def, S.Atk, S.Def, Spe)
Abilities: Swift Swim, Water Veil

  • It gets access to SHELL SMASH. Nuff said xD
  • Good attack and defense stats as well as decent special attack.
  • Opponents are so screwed if you get a shell smash or two up. Yeah i'm just spamming shell smash reasons =.=
  • Water's a pretty good typing :3 I think
  • It can sweep a good portion of the NU tier once it sets up


  • Faces stiff competition from Carracosta who boasts the Solid Rock ability, allowing it to set up easier as well as higher Attack and Defense stats. And Carracosta gets priority Aqua jet
  • Also faces stiff competition from Gorebyss, it's other evolution. Gorebyss boasts better coverage because it's specially based, and also has better STAB choices.
  • Crappy speed, not all that good overall bulk, though speed is remedied by Shell Smash. And since his sweeping, noone gives a crap about bulk ;~;
  • Limited offensive movepool means it still isn't all that great
  • Most choice scarf users still can outspeed and completely destroy him.

Basically:Awesome setup move, but faces competition


Typing: Normal
Stats: 105/95/80/40/80/90 (HP, Atk, Def, S.Atk, S.Def, Spe)
Abilities: Early Bird, Scrappy, Inner Focus

  • It's Kangaskhan, and it's a marsupial, lets use it!
  • Good all round bulk, and strong Attack + Speed
  • Scrappy is a pretty good ability, allowing Kangaskhan's normal STAB to hit Ghost Types who are normally immune
  • Wide physical movepool
  • A couple priority options
  • It's speed tier (90) allows it to outspeed some of the big threats in NU, like Sawk and Pinsir
  • Harder to counter than most other normal types, due to Scrappy preventing Ghost Pokemon from laughing at it


  • Doesn't have anything to setup, apart from the weak Work Up
  • Basically no way to get past any half-decent physical wall
  • Since generally, Kangaskhan's choice move of STAB is Double Edge and will be used most often, hitting Kangaskhan with a status makes it alot easier to take down, as Recoil Damage will add up with Toxic/Burn damage (Burn also screws up your physical attacks) making it die faster

Basically:Excellent normal type Pokemon


Typing: Bug/Flying
Stats: 55/35/50/55/110/85 (HP, Atk, Def, S.Atk, S.Def, Spe)
Abililties: Swarm, Early Bird, Iron Fist

  • Good Special Defense, decent speed
  • Okay dual screen user I suppose?

- Bad HP, bad attack, bad defense, bad special attack
- Bad typing really, Stealth Rock rapes it, weakness to flying, rock, fire, electric and ice

Basically:Really not a good Pokemon to use, better options out there. Here's a nice smogon quote to finish this up :3
>Ledian is the best Pokemon as it is the cutest. Sadly, this doesn't mean much on the battlefield.

Done, don't hold your horsies anymore

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Sorry man, didn't see your answer :/
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Wow seriously, thank you so much for taking your time to write that much lol, you and Flaf
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-No weaknesses.
-Solid defences.
-No reliable recovery.
-Not a lot of usable moves.
-Very slow.
-It have competition.
Spiritomb is a nice Pokemon, but it lacks the stats to properly exploit its typing. It will have a hard time trying to take repeated strong hits from strong, neutral attacks since it lacks a good recovery moves and it is to slow to properly cripple a foe. That being said, if you play it right it can be a pain to face. But it is often better to use Jellicent or Dusclops if you want a defensive Ghost type.

-High Attack.
-Powerful moves.
-Nice abilities.
-Bad Speed.
-Bad typing.
-Lacklustre defences.
Rampardos sadly isn't to great of a Pokemon. It may be powerful enough to wreck most things, but it gets wrecked very easily itself. It can function on a Trick Room team, but apart from that, Rampardos needs to much support to be an asset.

-Ok Attack and Defense.
-Shell Smash+Baton Pass.
-Bad Speed.
-Shallow movepool.
-Shell Smash+Baton Pass is largely outlawed.
As with Ranpardos, Huntail lacks the speed to truly shine. And unlike Rampardos, it can't deal any monstrous amounts of damage. It also have generic movepool it shares with a plethora of other Water types. It can be very dangerous with the combination of Shell Smash+Baton Pass, allowing it to give another team member a massive stat boost it sweep itself. It's so good, Pokemon Showdown, the main battle simulator, outlawed it since it was to overpowered. Well, bummer.

-All around good stats.
-To week to hit hard.
-To frail to take a hit.
-Normal type.
-Moderately diverse movepool.
-Very occasional abilities.
Kanga is a jack of all trades but the master of none. It's decent stats don't allow it to really compete with anything since it have no clear role. That being said, it can be a decent physical sweeper, but only decent. There are better options out there, such as Ambipom or the Porygon and Chansey families that gives Kanga massive competition.

-Ok Special Defense.
-But every other stat decent at best.
-Massive Stealth Rock weakness.
-No useful moves.
-Lacks good resistances.
There isn't much good to be said about Ledian. It quite frankly, stinks. Apart from its special Defense, everything about him his downright horrible. It can set up Dual Screens, but that's as far as its usefulness go. If you want to use Ledian, consider something else in first hand. Volcarona, Scizor, Heracros, Yanmega and Scyter are all better Bug options.

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