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If Explosion/Selfdestruct is going to make you faint, why have more than 1 PP? And it's probably going to be stupid by reviving yourself then making yourself faint. Again.

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If your explosion/selfdestuct user has 1 hp left, it would be great to commit suicide and bring back again. For example,

foe vs. eletrode

electrode used sonicboom
foe used earthquake
electrode hung on due to focus sash.
electrode used explosion
Ko s both Pokemon

bring it back again w/ revive. repeat.
since electrode will hold on to focus stash, it would be extremely helpful. DO NOT USE EXPLOSION ON 1st TURN!!!

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there are reasons you might want to use Explosion on first turn. This just happened to me the other day in the random battle section of Showdown. I led with a Gigalith with Explosion, Autotomize, Stone Edge, Earthquake. He led with a Claydol. I didn't want to risk switching and having it explode on one of my other pokemon, so I used Explosion, as neither of my other attacks would do anything against a Claydol.
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There are several reasons. Firstly every move needs to have the numberical values so they can work properly. Secondly, in-game you can use Revives on the fainted Pokemon, and then use Selfdestruct/Explosion again, so their PP can come into play. Of course you can't use items competitively, so this only works in-game.

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